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Mini Teaser Update

We’re gearing up to begin work on a huge secret family project that we can hardly wait to share with you all. Of course, it’s so secret that only a few people know about it. In fact, you now know as much as the kids do about our secret family project.

Regardless, we’ve got ourselves some tools and we aren’t afraid to use them. To tease you a little, I’ve uploaded a mic test we did with Sophie to a site called Humble Voice. You can listen to the mic test or even download it by following this link: LINK.

As I get more teaser material I’ll likely upload it to that site as well. Notice the bar along the top-ish portion that says Home / Music / Video / Photography / Art / Writing. I’ll add stuff under those categories as we produce things to share.

Anyhow. We’ve got our audio editing software all tested out (to make the file for the mic test), we’ve got the mic all tested out, and next week we’ll be building and testing even more stuff.

This is going to be fun.


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