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Post Halloween Post

From Holidays 2009

After Halloween I had intended on posting photos of the kids in their costumes and such. I prepared this post to be published in the middle of November, but never actually published it. So, as the poor little post that got lost in the mayhem, here is our Post Halloween Post.

How the Kids Are


Micah was Mario for Halloween! Here’s a picture:

From Holidays 2009

You may remember last month (October) I mentioned we had been working on Micah’s lying habit. We’ve got a success story to report!

A couple of weeks after I wrote that post, Rochelle made sugar cookies covered in a kind of large-granule blue sugar. Anyhow, she had a sizable portion of the sugar that she had been using to put on the cookies sitting in a bowl in the kitchen, and when she finished making the cookies, she left the small bowl of sugar out. There wasn’t too much in the bowl (maybe a mouthful or two), but it was out overnight.

Well, as you may have guessed (perhaps due to the amount of detail I included about the bowl of sugar), the bowl was empty the next morning. I was upstairs in the shower when the following took place, but I can picture it as though I had been there.

Rochelle found that the bowl had been emptied and asked Micah if he knew anything about it. Ashamed, but honestly, he replied, “I did it.” As punishment, he was forbidden from consuming any deserts, candies or any other sugary confections for the duration of the week in which he committed the offense.

He expressed concern that I would be mad at him for eating the sugar, but when Rochelle went upstairs to tell me about the punishment, I told her to tell him I wasn’t mad, but I was in fact proud of him for telling the truth. Later I explained to him that we had been trying to tell him for a long time that if he’d only tell the truth he’d get in a lot less trouble. If he does something wrong, he will be punished consistently with the most natural consequence we can think of at the time, but we won’t ever be mad at him for telling the truth.

The experience seems to have helped. In my eyes, it was a monumental milestone in his life. Even if results aren’t consistent and permanent, this moment represents something positive we can refer back to in the future. I don’t want to cast too poor of an image on the guy, but Micah doesn’t have a whole lot of positive experiences with his behavior vs. disciplinary┬áprocedures in the past. In fact, I’d struggle to think of any. So, as his father, I couldn’t be happier that we finally have this one incident to talk about and use to motivate him for years to come.


Sophie loved being Tinkerbell for Halloween. She loved saying “tickerteet.” It felt like magic to her. She said that “magic word” and people dumped candy in her bucket.

From Holidays 2009

By the end of the evening she was exhausted but content with her spoils.

Until Later

I’ve postdated this to publish as though I had remembered to publish it in the middle of November. Since then there have been a few posts though, so if you’re behind on our family news, be sure to navigate to the main page to see what’s new.


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