Christmas Letters to Santa

I was going to put these on the last post, but I forgot.

Letters to Santa


This year I have already¬†received¬†many fun things. I don’t really have many things that I want, but for fun I’ll ask for:

  • a calligraphy set (Barnes and Noble online) or (a set from Michaels with a book)
  • nice stationary set (Barnes and Noble online)
  • new journal (Barnes and Noble online)

I have more items listed on There are a lot of items in the home list.

Thank you for all your hard work.


Mommy Haddad



Dear Santa,

Thanks, but no thanks. This year I already have everything I could want.

However, I do love surprises, so if you do bring me a little something, I won’t argue.

With Love,

Brian (Dad)


Dear Santa Clus,

I would like Goose bumps movies and videyo games and my last thing is a big set of Legos. Have fun eating cookies!

Love, Micah

From Cell Phone Photos


Dear Santa:

Nine. Ten, ten, nine. Nine. Gum. Banana, gum, gum.



From Cell Phone Photos

Until Later

Look forward to more holiday posts (we should have one about our Christmas tree soon, once we get it up), watch our photo albums, and don’t forget you can get automatic e-mail notification of new posts using the widget in the upper-right-hand corner. We love you.


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