Family Birthday Party

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Brownies and ice cream make this baby very happy.

In fact, anything with sugar can put a smile (or some other goofy look) on her face.

This was the scene after dinner last Wednesday (8 July 2009) just moments before we unveiled a present for each child and something special for mom. We chose to celebrate everyone’s birthday together this year since I was away at training from the sixth of January until the end of April, missing every birthday in our family calendar and our wedding anniversary.

To celebrate we ate brownies with ice cream and then went up to each bedroom where a present was waiting.

In Sophie’s room she found a Barbie tricycle (I don’t have photos, but there is a video on our YouTube channel). For the last several months we had noticed how she enjoyed playing on other children’s tricycles, so we found an inexpensive (yet girly) one on Amazon and had it shipped (free shipping) just in time for the joint birthday party. In fact, her gift was the last one we secured.

Then we all treked into Micah’s room where he found something waiting on his bed that he had been dying to have for a long time. Many moons ago LeapFrog created a video game system aimed at helping children Micah’s age learn things like math and spelling. It’s called the Didj. At major retailers (like Target) this toy is on display and turned on in the toy section. Every time we went there Micah would ask to play on it. One day, Rochelle was on Amazon looking at sale items (thinking about Micah’s upcoming birthday, I’m sure) and she found the Didj on sale for almost half off, so she got it and had been holding on to it for several months until last week. Micah was so floored that he had one sitting on his bed, that he was nearly speechless (something unheard of for anyone who has spent any time around Micah). Again, I didn’t take photos, but you can watch a video of the reaction here.

Finally, we all followed Mommy as she searched for the hidden present in our room. Once she found it, we went down to the living room to hear her try it out. For as long as I’ve known her, Rochelle has wanted to learn to play the guitar. We finally got her an affordable system for learning to play the guitar. She is putting a lot of effort in, and someday I’ll post of video of her playing a song on the guitar. On our YouTube channel you can watch video of the search in our room and the unboxing downstairs.

Also on our YouTube channel you can see new videos of Sophie and some of the cute things she’s been doing lately. I’ll embed a short one below, and a longer one can be seen here.

Thank you for stopping by. Remember to watch this site (or subscribe) for updates about once a month. Any time you come by remember to check the links for updates to our photo albums, YouTube channel or anything else. We love you all and appreciate the interest you take in our little family.


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